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For information about counseling, click on the tab "Mental Health Counseling" for information about the therapists and to contact us for an appointment.
For information about clinical supervision while pursuing a license in counseling, Click on "Supervision and Training."
Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Banner Counseling and Consulting is a practice of quality, dedicated counselors, therapists, and advisors committed to serving the community through quality mental health care, clinical supervision, certified training, and education.

How does BANNER operate as a counseling center?

We have the wonderful opportunity to serve our community in a unique setting. We are a team of licensed professionals who collaborate professionally. Each of us has a separate professional business license (PLLC or LLC) as well as our independent, state therapeutic license that allows us to manage our counseling practices independently.

We share our building, resources, coffee, and waiting rooms, with each other to provide a more professional, convenient and safe location. We each manage our own calendar and schedule and bill your insurance company independently.

Need Testing for your child?
We are in a position to offer limited testing options for children. This is a need for many families in our area, and often the wait for testing through school district options can take more time than parents wish to wait.
To use testing options there are a couple of considerations: If you plant to use insurance, you will need a direct referral from your child's primary care physician. TriCare makes no exceptions. Dr. Joy McNeill offers testing for some children, to include ADHD and ADD. You are welcome to contact Dr. McNeill directly through our counselor's page. 
Click Here: Dr. McNeill
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