BANNER  Consulting

and Counseling

2525 Raeford Road, Suite B

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BANNER CONSULTING AND COUNSELING for mental health care, career counseling and reintegration services to the military.


Banner Consulting and Counseling provides mental health counseling, supervision, training and conferences through our fully licensed mental health providers and supervisors. 

We provide training and supervision for mental health clinicians seeking state licensure as Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Supervisors. Opportunities are also available for case consultation with licensed clinicians as part of our group or for individual consultation.

EMDR is an evidence-based treatment for trauma and loss that requires training and expertise to implement. Our staff is trained in EMDR and we are also able to provide consultation for those clinicians who wish to become more proficient in EMDR. Click HERE to contact Patricia Hanley for information.

We are an approved provider for CEU-eligible training and professional instruction through National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and provide training to professionals needing on-site or off-site continuing education events.

We have provided Department of Defense Consulting since 1998. We provide assessments, evaluations, consultation and counseling in private, group and institutional settings. We are able to provide guidance, assessments, and consulting on College and Career decisions.

Statement on Marriage Counseling and Discernment Counseling:

We offer marriage counseling to couples who want to improve their relationship, who struggle with conflict in the relationship, or who are reintegrating from combat and deployments or affair recovery.


Part of marriage counseling is understanding the values and perspectives when working with couples. Part of this value declaration is adopted from William Doherty's writings.


Statement of Therapist Values on Marital Commitment:


1. We are not neutral about marriage and divorce.  We are pro-commitment to the relationship and the efforts that may be needed to develop a healthier marriage.


2. We work with energy and dedication to help people become more healthy and succeed in their current relationship.


3. We help clients pay attention to the possible consequences of their personal and marital decisions that impact their children, their extended families and communities as well as their own health and well being.


4. We recognize that not all marriages can or ought to be saved, especially when there is risk of harm to a partner or children.


5. If clients eventually decide to divorce, we work with them to lessen the damage to everyone involved, to help create a healthy parenting partnership if they have children and to prevent future potential divorce.


Discernment Counseling for Couples


Attending sessions with a partner does not ensure that marriage counseling is occurring.  Marriage counseling occurs only when both partners are invested and committed to the relationship and determined to partner to improve the health of the marriage. Until that foundation is established, most of what occurs in a therapy session is discernment counseling.

The distinction between marriage counseling and discernment counseling is the determining factor between efforts to improve the health of the relationship or trying to determine if the marriage is what both couples want to improve.

Discernment Counseling is essential after an affair outside the marriage, if there is domestic violence, or if one partner believes that the other has exhibited disqualifying behavior or a deal-breaker for the marriage. Until that distinction is clarified and both partners are invested in a healthier marriage, then we can provide discernment counseling until both partners are in agreement about their future.  

Although it may not seem fair to one partner, "in a marriage it takes both partners working together to make it work, but only one can make it end."