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BANNER CONSULTING AND COUNSELING for mental health care, career counseling and reintegration services to the military.


We have the wonderful opportunity to serve our community in a unique setting. We are a team of licensed professionals who collaborate professionally. Each of us has a separate professional license (PLLC or LLC) as well as our therapy license that allows us to practice counseling independently.

We share our building, resources, coffee and waiting rooms with each other to provide a more professional, convenient and safe location. We each manage our own calendar and schedule and bill your insurance company independently.

Case Consultation with one another helps us maintain ethical and clinical excellence. There are five approved clinical supervisors on our team who are available for consultation and insight to support our work.


Since we each are independent practice providers, each clinician manages their own schedule and appointments. To help simplify this process with almost 20 different therapists, the easiest way to get an appointment is to fill out a request by clicking on the “CONTACT US” button on the bottom of this page and sending an email. Please include as much information as you think is helpful, along with contact information. Helpful information would include what type of counseling you desire (individual for yourself, couple counseling, counseling for children…). Other information would involve what hours that you are available for counseling or when you are not available to schedule an appointment. Your insurance company information is helpful as well since not all providers are approved for all insurance companies. We then will pass that information along to the team and one of our clinicians will contact you in the next day or so to answer any questions and to schedule your initial appointment. if you do not hear back from us within a couple of days, please follow up with another email or a voicemail. Sometimes the message does not make it to the right people and we do not want you to feel that we are ignoring you.

You may wish to call the office and leave a voicemail if that is more convenient. The phone number is 910-491-8901.

If you decide that you prefer to contact a provider directly, their contact information is below in their profile section. You may discover that contacting a clinician individually could be more time consuming and can be very frustrating. Each provider answers their own phone. We are usually only able to answer phone calls or respond to voicemails between sessions and are not always available to reply for long stretches of time due to our schedules. (No, we do not have a receptionist). If you call a particular therapist, when they are able to reconnect with you, you may discover that they may not have openings due to a full schedule of clients or not be available to match your schedule for appointments. That realization sends you back to the website to pick another therapist and the process starts over again…and again. Let’s keep it simple and just send an email or voicemail. We can take it from there and make sure you get cared for.

Ralph Clark
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and LMFT Supervisor
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor - Supervisor 

Specializes In: Individuals, Couples, Families, Military & Civilian, Trauma, Performance Enhancement, Addiction

Ralph Clark is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in North Carolina. He is also an approved Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor.  He earned his Master of Community Counseling degree from Webster University. He is also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. He has more than 10 years of counseling experience with individuals, couples, and families both military as well as non-military families. He is also experienced using Eye Movement Desensitization, Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma, performance enhancement, and addiction reduction.

To contact Ralph directly, go to his Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE

Jerry Powell, D.Min.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor-Supervisor
Director-emeritus is retired from providing therapy but continues as part of Banner as consultant, facilitator and supervisor

~Dr. Powell is no longer accepting clients~
Jerry Powell, D.Min, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor and clinical supervisor in North Carolina. He has been an ordained minister for 40+ years and is a retired Army chaplain with 20 years of service in military ministry.

Dr. Powell is a specialist in working with military personnel and families, and he has extensive knowledge serving soldiers and families after deployment. 

He is a facilitator and presenter with Banner. If you are interested in supporting a CEU training, see our page on Training. You may email him by clicking HERE

Alessandra Nelson
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Specializes In: Ages 6 and older, victims of child sexual abuse, military sexual trauma, incest, and sexual abuse, in all of its forms, PTSD, trauma, redeployment, grief issues

Alessandra was born and raised in Italy, and moved to North Carolina via the military in 1995. She received her Bachelor's in Psychology from Campbell University in 1998, and her Master's in Counseling Psychology from FSU in 2001. She has been in private practice as a mental health therapist since 2004. Prior to that, from 2001 to 2004, she was the staff therapist at the local Rape Crisis Center. This early professional experience has made her connect on a very deep level with patients of all ages who were victims of child sexual abuse, military sexual trauma, incest, and sexual abuse, in all of its forms.

She has worked extensively with active duty service members, military families, and veterans, and has dealt with PTSD, trauma, redeployment and grief issues. She has also had the privilege to work with several Gold Star Wives and Gold Star Children, and they hold a very special place in her heart. She enjoys working with a variety of issues, and loves connecting with her patients to empower them to work towards their goals.

Alessandra is EMDR trained, and while she has a strong cognitive behavioral foundation, she has an eclectic approach to therapy, since no two clients are alike. Alessandra’s goal is to provide a safe, confidential, non-judgemental therapeutic environment to clients (age 6 and older) of any gender, cultural background, religious belief, sexual orientation and sexual identity.

To contact Alessandra directly, go to her website and use the link HERE

James Rose
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Specializes In: Deployments, Individuals, Couples, Families, All ages, Equine assisted mental health

James is a retired chaplain who served in Special Operations Command for 13 years. His goal to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist came from a deep commitment to continue serving soldiers and their families. He is very aware of the struggles military families face and the trauma they deal with on a daily basis in regards to multiple deployments. He is devoted to helping individuals, couples, and families discover ways to experience this amazing gift called life, to its fullest. James is open to working with all age groups. He is certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy and EMDR.

James also provides equine assisted mental health at his farm, Plenty and Grace, LLC. His most important value as a clinician is to create a therapeutic environment in which everyone is warmly welcomed regardless of the situation they may be facing. He holds an interim Top Secret clearance.

Joe Brazzle
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
~Joe is no longer accepting clients~
Specializes In: Military families, children and teens, PTSD, anxiety, depression, family stress, military transition, divorce, behavior issues

John "Joe" Brazzle MA, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in North Carolina. He is retired from the U.S. Army and brings his unique military experiences into the counseling room to help address PTSD, anxiety, depression, family stress and military transition. He is also passionate about working with military families, children, and adolescents with life challenges, divorce and behavior issues.

Joe is also the founder and director of MoreLife, a non-profit dedicated to helping heal our wounded veterans and family members. For more infomation about this organization, go to their MORELIFE website

    ~Joe is no longer accepting new clients~

Linda Pendleton, PhD
Licensed Psychologist, EMDR specialist
Specializes In: Dysfunctional/abusive/emotionally unavailable families

Dr. Pendleton earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University and did year-long full-time internships at both a university counseling center and a Stanford University-affiliated teaching hospital. She worked 10 years as a full-time medical school professor, creating and directing an eating disorders clinic. She has 20+ years' experience in teaching mindfulness meditation techniques. Her mastery of EMDR has been an important contributor in helping clients change.

Dr. Pendleton was a partner in Carolina Psychological Associates for 22 years prior to joining the Banner Consulting and Counseling team. To contact Dr. Pendleton directly, go to her Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE

Mei-Chuan (Mae) Wang, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor~Supervisor

Specializes in: treating anxiety, depression, trauma, self-identity, and interpersonal issues. She focuses on clients' narratives and thinking/reasoning process. Her goal for therapy is to help and empower her client to use her/his strengths to find new ways of coping with life's challenges. She believes that clients have unique ways of accessing their own experiences, and she considers counseling a safe place to collaborate with them on their process of self-awareness, understanding, and personal development. 


Dr. Wang has a doctoral degree from the University of Memphis in counseling psychology and a MA degree from the University of Northern Iowa in clinical psychology. She is licensed as a psychologist and licensed clinical mental health counselor supervisor in the state of North Carolina. She is also a credentialed Health Service Psychologist. She has received EMDR training for treating symptoms that are associated with trauma and abuse.

To contact Dr. Wang directly, go to her Psychology Today profile or her website by clicking HERE

Patricia Hanley
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor~Supervisor
National Certified Counselor
Specializes In: Military personnel and families, as well as civilians, trauma and grief, anxiety, depression, worry, anger, relationship issues, adjustment issues, family of origin issues, low self-esteem, multicultural issues, post-traumatic stress, adult survivors of sexual abuse or assault.  

Patricia has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University. She is a Tricare and Blue Cross Blue Shield provider, and has 25 year’s experience working with military members and their families. 

A Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor, and an EMDR Approved Consultant, she can provide supervision hours for LCMHC-As, and those seeking Certification in EMDR. EMDR is a proven effective treatment for PTSD, trauma and other issues. 

Patricia believes in providing a safe, unbiased place for clients to express feelings, and to resolve challenges, and is open and accepting of all.

To contact Patricia directly, go to her Psychology Today profile and contact her by clicking HERE

Joy McNeil, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Dr. McNeil earned her Ph.D in Counseling Studies and Human Services from Capella University and received a Master in Psychology from Fayetteville State University.
Dr. McNeil has worked in rural communities, within residential treatment facilities, within the military community serving the Army Sexual Assault Prevention Program, and most recently, in community mental health, conducting clinical assessments, forensic evaluations and counseling with at-risk youth and their families.
She is a North Carolina-rostered Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who has spent several years working with you, ages 6-18, who experienced serious forms of trauma. Dr. McNeil uses research, evidenced-based therapeutic modalities, and person-centered approaches in connective with her clients. Through collaboration, she and clients form an individualized plan that meets their goals and vision. She is open to working with all ages 8+.
To contact Dr. McNeil directly, go to her Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE
Sarah Campagna
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Sarah is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor who has extensive experience working with children and adolescents. She has helped at-risk and high-risk mothers and children. She is trained in EMDR for assisting clients manage trauma and loss in their lives. Her experience in multi-cultural and foreign cultures helps her with clients who experience anxiety, loneliness, alienation and life transitions. She is especially adept with adolescents who are experiencing bullying and alienation.

To contact Sarah directly, go to her Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE

Tracey Frink
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Specializes In: Couples and families, post- traumatic stress and growth, relationship issues, anxiety and depression, deployment and reintegration issues, ADHD, Parental Alienation Syndrome

Tracey has a passion for horses and helping people. She has combined those two loves in the practice of Equine Assisted Mental Health (EAMH). She holds a Master of Divinity and has over 30 years experience of helping and empowering people. She did her Clinical Pastoral Education at the Leavenworth VA and has a heart for working with military personnel and their families. Her Master's degree is in counseling psychology and she is pursuing full licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is particularly interested in working with couples and families, post- traumatic stress and growth, relationship issues, anxiety and depression, deployment and reintegration issues. She has considerable experience working with sensory processing disorders like ADHD and overcoming Parental Alienation Syndrome. She believes in creating a welcoming environment for all people of any background regardless of faith, culture, age, sexual orientation. She is open to members and families of the Q community and is knowledgeable of many Native cultures, including Native American spirituality.

Michelle Duke

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
Specializes in: Individuals, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Infidelity, Blended families, EMDR trained

Michelle graduated from Austin State University in 2007. She has been in practice since 2013. Her NC License number is C009963

Are you worried, stressed or feeling stuck? My goal is to help people of all ages solve and/or cope with problems in their everyday lives.

I have spent the last few years working with military families. I am a military spouse and was a soldier myself. I understand the issues faced by our military and their families and am able to help.

I offer a safe environment to allow us to explore any issues and concerns you may have.

To contact Michelle directly, go to her Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE

Tarra Farnham
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Clinical Addications Specialist-Associate

Specializes in: Trauma, Veteran/Military Issues, Addictions, Athletes, Anxiety, Ages 6+

Tarra has a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Campbell University.  She is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and married to a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.  Because of this, she understands the pressure on both sides of deployments and military service.

Tarra has worked with children and adults who have dealt with many different types of trauma and understands there are many layers to each traumatic experience.  She is a rostered NC Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Previously, she worked in community mental health with adolescents who had experienced complex sexual trauma and traumatic grief.  In addition, Tarra has experience in forensic evaluations and assessments for adults/children.

Tarra also enjoys working with athletes to help them strengthen their mental skills.  As a competitive Powerlifter, she understands how mental skills directly transition into athletic performance.

To contact Tarra directly, go to her Psychology Today profile and click HERE

Barry D. Bowden
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Specializes in: personal and relationship problems, issues specific to military couples, PTSD, anxiety, life transitions, trauma and grief, and spiritual issues.
Barry is a retired Army chaplain who served in the military 34 years; he and his wife moved 14 times in 22 years with 4 children, and he has served 7 years with Special Operations Forces as a Military and Family Life Counselor.  He understands the pressures and stresses of life and believes that we get some things right, but there are other areas in which we need someone who will help--by listening to us, understanding our situation, and supporting us going forward.    
Barry is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) -- an evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and depression. It provides rapid recovery from problems such as trauma, anxiety, work stress, relationship issues, infidelity, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). ART allows an individual to keep the knowledge of the incident but lose the pain from the past to find relief. 
Barry believes life is all about relationships with those we love and intersect life with--it can be the best of times or the worst of times.  Consequently, we need a safe place to pause, assess our situations, and consider options on how to move forward in life.
To contact Barry directly, go to his Psychology Today profile through the link HERE
Jessica Solar
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Specializes in: Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Marriage and Family Counseling, Trauma, Divorce, Anger Management, and Developmental Disorders, in children, adolescents, teens and adults.  


Jessica Soler obtained her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Fayetteville State University. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors and a member of the American Counseling Association and the Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Association of North Carolina. 


Over the course of nine years experience in the field, Jessica’s professional focuses have included working hands on with adults with developmental disabilities, juvenile offenders, and those on the Autism Spectrum. She has been providing professional counseling services since 2015 and has been able to work with diverse populations including children, adults, senior citizens, couples, and military families. Jessica currently works as an Outpatient Therapist at Banner Consulting in Fayetteville, NC and an Applied Behavior Analysis Supervisor for Community Connections Healthcare Services in Fayetteville, NC. 


Jessica employs a holistic, person-centered approach to therapy which allows clients to grow personally and realize their full potential in a safe and welcoming environment. 

To contact Jessica directly, go to her Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE

Shannon Wiggins
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate

I specialize in helping millennial couples and individuals manage their emotions in order to improve their relationships and regain control in their lives.

You are the expert on your life and situation.  Therefore, I work with you and together as a team we come up with a plan that suits your personal needs.  I provide you with education and help you learn the skills needed to overcome your challenges.  Not only will you be able to discuss your situation and feelings in a safe space, but you will also leave your sessions with practical tools and skills to put into action immediately. 

The clients that experience the most success in working with me are motivated for change, dedicated to learning the skills needed to manage the challenges they face, and consistent in applying those new skills in their life between sessions.

If you are ready to make a change, I am here to help you live your best life.

To contact Shannon directly, go to her website by clicking HERE

Rona Gooden, MA
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor-Associate

Are you struggling with prolonged sadness or emptiness, feelings of being overwhelmed, feeling like you don't know how to cope? Are you unable to recognize or express your feelings? I can help. Do you want to be able to communicate with your spouse but just don't know how? I can help. Are you unhappy with the way you respond to situations? I can help. Do you have a hard time talking about something traumatic that happened to you but know you must deal with it somehow? I can help. Do you feel like you have a hard time gaining control over your emotions? I can help.

Take your life back! I can help you create goals to conquer your issues. Change is hard and doesn't happen overnight, but it's possible. You just need someone to believe in you until that someone IS you. Gain new perspectives on things by strategically and logically breaking down your issues into little pieces that you are better able to deal with. 

Your situation is unique and no one belongs in a box. Only you know what you've been through and you are the expert on your circumstances. Together, we will increase awareness and create the treatment plan that works just for you.

To contact Rona directly, go to her Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE

Pius Nyutu, PhD, HSP-P
Licensed Psychologist
Are you or someone you care about experiencing any of these concerns: anxiety, unhappy mood, constant worries, stress, feeling overwhelmed, trauma, grief, relationship problems, unable to change behavior, or even lacking direction in life. Are you looking for a caring and understanding psychologist who is also qualified and experienced to deal with these or many other issues? Then I am here for you. Send me an e-mail or call me by going to my Psychology Today profile by clicking HERE to see how I can help and answer any questions you may have.
Kelli Pierce, MA
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Kelli joins our practice with many years of counseling experience. She is a military wife and has worked with families of domestic violence in military settings, as a counselor-intern at Fort Bragg, NC, as an on-line therapist, and in faith-based settings. She works well with trauma victims, clients with anxiety, depression, personality disorders and addictions. Kelli also has the flexibility to help clients on occasional weekends and evenings to support busy, working families and individuals. You may contact her directly by email by clicking HERE