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and Counseling

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BANNER CONSULTING AND COUNSELING for mental health care, career counseling and reintegration services to the military.

College and Career Advising

At Banner Consulting we understand the amount of consideration that goes in to determining if you should attend college, a trade school or moving directly into a job is the best option. One of our team members, Dr. Janet Powell, PhD is available to provide students guidance in their next steps.

Contact Dr. Powell directly for an appointment for the initial consultation. The first 30 minutes of the initial consultation are free. If you wish to stay for a full consultation, the hourly rate will apply.

Phone: 910.309.8309

Available Advising Services

  • Initial consultation to determine needs and goals
  • Career and interest assessments to assist with planning for the future
  • Research to find potential schools and programs
  • Assistance with the application process for the selected schools
  • Consultation on financial aid

About Dr. Powell

Dr. Janet Powell, PhD has been in the field of higher education for over 30 years. Her heart and specialty is in the educational consulting field. She specializes in assisting students determine their future steps in career and education possibilities. Through directed interviews and assessments, she helps students determine the best next-steps.

Dr. Powell provides guidance to help students determine if college, trade school, or work would be the best option. From high school, through Associates Degree, Bachelor or Masters Degree, Dr. Powell can assist in helping determine what is the correct path. She is also available to assist with financial aid options.