BANNER  Consulting

and Counseling

2525 Raeford Road, Suite B

Fayetteville, NC 28305


BANNER CONSULTING AND COUNSELING for mental health care, career counseling and reintegration services to the military.


We provide counseling therapy for all individuals ages 5 and up, military (active and inactive, prior and retired) personnel and their families, and civilians (non-military).

Sessions are available for individuals, couples, families and groups.

Our clinicians are fully qualified to provide the full range of services for mental health counseling concerns, relationship issues and stage of life difficulties. All of our counselors have an understanding of military culture and therefore provide culturally competent military informed therapy. Many are prior military with deployment experience and understand the difficulties of deployment and reintegration.


Consultation for EMDR certification 

We provide supervision for a number of different situations for students and graduates seeking licensure. We provide internships on a limited basis for graduate students in Master's programs for counseling. There is a fee per semester that provides the student with individual and group supervision opportunities, co-therapy with our staff, office procedure exposure and participating with our staff in Case Consultation. To contact Ralph Clark for additional information click HERE 

We provide supervision for those who have graduated with degrees in counseling and are in associate license status. This supervision is fee-based on the number of hours required and varies for individual and group sessions, depending on licensure requirements. We provide supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Associates, Licensed Marriage and Family Associates, and Clinical Social Worker Associates. To get additional information you may email either Patricia Hanley by clicking HERE or Ralph Clark by clicking HERE

CLINICIAL SUPERVISION is part of the graduate school experience and is a requirement for licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors and Social Workers. Click here for a video on AAMFT CLINICAL SUPERVISION

We provide supervision for clinicians pursuing EMDR Training and Certification. Upon completion of your EMDR training (and/or between the training sessions I and II), we have EMDR Approved Consultants who can assist you in completing the 10 hours of supervision required to complete your training and supervision for EMDR Certification. To contact Patricia Hanley for additional information send her an email by clicking HERE